Old Camera │銀鹽底片旅行

2004~2012年這八年間,使用Fujifilm Natura Black F1.9 底片相機,拍攝的八卷 Fujifilm XTRA ISO 400 135 底片,上週也終於拿去沖洗回來。拍攝傳統底片最有趣的地方是,可以在看到洗出來的照片的霎時感動,回想起過去在旅行或發生的美好記憶,這也是攝影的美好初衷。

From 2004 to 2012, I shot eight rows of the 135 Fujifilm XTRA ISO 400 135 negatives films by the Natura Black F1.9. Last week I finally take all the films back, and the most interesting things of shooting negatives films is that you can see the fresh washed out negatives films, them you can instantly recalled the memories of past journey or any thing occurred before. That is a beautiful original intention and purpose of photography.



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