這幾張作品大約三年前於2010年,模仿於西班牙超現實主義(Surréalisme)畫家米羅(Joan Miró) 的繪畫風格所創作。 米羅(Joan Miró) 和日前在台灣展出的超現實主義畫家-達利(Dali),也是同時期的超現實主義畫家。這兩位畫家中,很喜愛米羅((Joan Miró) 的作品。

米羅(Joan Miró)的作品,顏色豐富充滿對比的趣味,是以誇張的幾何圖形,建構的一個超現實平面,也有人說米羅(Joan Miró) 很像小朋友的塗鴉,不過這也欣賞米羅(Joan Miró) 畫作的趣味之一,米羅(Joan Miró) 的作品,是一個充滿童趣的不規則世界。


These works is about three years ago, I imitated the the Spanish Surrealism artist, Joan Miró’s painting style. Joan Miró and another Spanish painter, Dali is also in the same time period of Surrealism era.

The art work of Joan Miró is full of the vivid color, the rich contrast-filled style in an exaggerated geometry, and his art work seems to constructs a surreal planet. Some people said Joan Miró’s work as same as the children’s graffiti, but it is also a good point of view to enjoy Joan Miró’s art work elaborately. The masterpiece of Joan Miró is to form an irregular world and is full of playful behavior.



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