Our Philosophy │ 我們的理念



Lovely Bird 青鳥旅人希望在人生的旅途中,紀念回憶的美好日子,我們與戀人, 家人, 朋友,及生活摯愛的部分,一起歡笑的美好時光,一種美好簡單的喜悅。

In the journey of life, we have good times with lovers, family, and friends. The memory of photography recalls the good old days. Lovely Bird makes the beloved part of life which is beauty and simple joy.


Our Passion   │  我們的熱情



Lovely Bird 青鳥旅人,記錄人生旅程的驚喜與新鮮,是一種美好的幸福。透過雋永簡單的影像,珍惜美好的影像記憶。

Lovely Bird records every moment of surprise and fresh in the journey of life. Lovely Bird creates meaningful images, cherished moments and the good old memories.


Our Love   │ 我們所愛

Lovely Bird 青鳥旅人我們特別喜愛創造感動人的影像紀錄故事。喜愛每個故事的簡單過程,留下美好影像回憶。

We take photos and move people’s hearts. By the distinguished and exquisite art sensation, Lovely Bird develops and captures beautiful memories with people.


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